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What methods can quickly improve the collection of websites?


When we optimize the website, we will find that the website is slow or not included, but not included has a great impact on the website optimization. So what can we do to quickly improve the website's inclusion? The following is a detailed introduction to the AB template website optimization:

1. High quality content

Search engines are quite fond of original high-quality content, and on the contrary, they hate repetitive content and plagiarism. Therefore, only if we improve the quality of content and add some new content, can we get the favor of clean up engines and increase the collection of websites.

2. Submit content

After we have done a good job in the quality of articles, there is another point, that is, to submit content, there are other pages, not only content pages can be submitted, but all the unincorporated pages can be submitted. We can bind the search engine webmaster account and submit the unincorporated pages at the webmaster management office, so that our pages will be quickly captured by the search engine.

3. Improve overall quality

During optimization, we will often see that a website is frequently crawled, and its website has a large number of entries. What's the matter? In fact, it is because the overall quality of its website is high, and the spiders of search engines prefer it. It is natural that such websites are frequently crawled and included. We can learn more about the presentation form of the website, so as to improve the overall quality of our website.

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